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Robas Sales is the leading importer in South Africa of quality paper napkins. Our paper serviettes are free of bleaches and harmful chemicals and are all imported from Europe. We stock practically every plain colour that is available and our fancy range will suit every possible function and our ranges are constantly updated with the arrival of new designs and products.







Fancy Luncheon Serviettes 33x33

The largest range of imported quality serviettes for all occasions.

Fancy Cocktail Serviettes 25x25

Cocktail serviettes for the very special tea party or for use with drinks.

Plain Colour Serviettes

Quality 1, 2 and 3 Ply plain colour napkins at highly competitive prices.

Budget Serviettes

3 Ply Imported Serviettes. Execelent quality at reasonable prices.

2 Ply 50's Fancy

Great value and fantastic qualtiy

Airlaid 40 x 40

Has the look & feel of linen without the expense of linen

Super absorbant

Pocket Tissues

Our pocket tissues are 4 ply for added strength.

Sale (Napkins and tissues)

Check out this category on a regular basis to see latest sale items.